Finding European research funding made easy and simple with Spinbase AI engine

The best tool for Research funding experts and Researchers at Universities and Research institutes

Never miss an opportunity.
Monitor the most interesting upcoming funding opportunities for your organization.

Widen your perspective.
Think outside the box and learn about the programmes and instruments you have not applied before.

Increase your chances of success.
Choose the right funding and partners.

Be on top of your field of expertise.
Advise your colleagues based on the most accurate and most relevant search results.

Expand your international partnerships.
Be innovative and find the best partners across EU.

Professional reporting process.
Use our exporting tools for having a better and easier reporting structure.

Refine your research proposal.
Review the most relevant EU funded projects to your research topic.

Always plan ahead.
Start planning for the upcoming funding opportunities well in advance.

Have a better knowledge management process.
Share the right opportunity with your colleagues on the right time.

Dominate the competition.
Get your fair share of EU funding from the upcoming programmes.

Build a winning proposal
Focus more on the quality of your proposals by saving time in finding the right funding opportunity and partners.

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