Spinbase benefits for Cities and Public service providers

The best tool for Advisors, Innovation experts, and Project managers.

Define the right path.
Advise your customers and stakeholders towards a successful future with the most accurate, most relevant funding and partnership options.

Never miss an opportunity.
Monitor the most interesting upcoming funding opportunities for your organization.

Insights into future products.
EU funding calls are based on roadmaps, signals and industrial lobbying. The call texts may provide a hint where the sector and/or your competitors are going.

Expand your international partnerships.
Be innovative and find the best partners across EU.

Professional reporting process.
Use our exporting tools for having a better and easier reporting structure.

Driving growth through innovation.
Be the key innovation advisor for your stakeholders and companies who need your help.

Always plan ahead.
Start planning for the upcoming funding opportunities well in advance.

Widen your perspective.
Think outside the box and learn about the programmes and instruments you have not applied before.

Increase your organizational reputation.
Use the most recent AI technology in your daily work and benefit from the added values that digitalization brings for you.

Insights into Regulation.
See who is influencing regulation and standardization with public funding Understand what is next on the political agenda.

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