Finding funding opportunities and partners for your projects is rarely a walk in the park. Spinverse developes a tool that can ease the complex task of finding the most suitable EU funding instrument for your R&D – Spinbase. The tool also enables you to find partners with strong background and past projects in relevant calls. Spinbase is an AI based funding search tool which will help you in taking your innovations to the next level.

How is Spinbase conceived?

The idea of Spinbase initiated from Spinverse‘s own experience of the pain points when searching for the relevant funding calls, partners, and projects within a certain topic. Each funding programme has hundred pages of guideline and call description scattered on different websites; new calls are published all the time as well. Our founders wanted to use the latest Artificial Intelligence methods to make this process as simple and seamless as possible, thus, Spinbase was born.

Throughout the years, we constantly develop on Spinbase to continue automating public funding process and become the one-stop-shop for your financing needs.

How it works

Spinbase is not only about finding funding for your R&D, but it also provides valuable insights to your future research and innovation projects — and those of your competitors! The Spinbase data sources consists of almost all EU funding calls, such as Horizon Europe, COSME, LIFE, CREA, and several others. Some regional funding from Interreg and NordForsk is also included. The database is updated in real-life and refresh daily so every search you make is ensured to yield the most updated results.

The calls you find in Spinbase are based on roadmaps, signals and industrial lobbying, therefore the call texts often provide hints on the direction towards which your sectors are heading. 

Spinbase User Interface
Spinbase User Interface enables users to easily find relevant EU funding calls, partners and projects. Little training is needed for you to start taking advantage of Spinbase.

Spinbase can offer information on the regulation and standardisation of influencers releasing public funding, and it can help you to understand what comes next on the political agenda. From the competition point of view, you will be able to see what kind of projects your competitors are working on and who their partners are, allowing you to find your own unique space to excel in.

The search tool in Spinbase uses natural language as an input. The principle is simple but effective: when you enter your idea or project abstract, you will find suitable funding instruments, other players working on the same kind of subject matters and funded project information to refine your plans. 

Just like Google, but for public funding. No longer are the days you have to scroll through big list of calls, multiple websites or waiting for your partners to hit you up.

The search engine is based on semantic analysis which means it provides more versatile results than traditional search engines.

How do we differ from the traditional funding search tools?


Spinbase saves you 2 hours for every funding search you performed. Our Artificial Intelligence analyzes thousands of calls across 30+ EU funding calls and present you with the most matching ones. So you don’t have to do the reading of long call texts, assessing and filtering them. You simply input your project abstract or idea and the results are presented within seconds. Find out more on our ROI calculator:

Spinbase is very easy and simple to use. Whether you are an experienced EU funding specialist or a young research and innovation professional, you can start using Spinbase just the way you use any search engine. The results are also presented in a clear view that you can quickly grasp the calls.

More comprehensive results in a shortlisted view Our database covers 30+ EU programmes and growing. Spinbase is your all-in-one portal for EU funding so you don’t need to check from various platforms. On top of that, the results for your queries are also shortlisted by relevance with other advanced filter so you can quickly determine the most suitable funding calls.

Find partners and projects A key to a successful EU proposals is your partner and your innovativeness! Using Spinbase, you can find which partners have extensive experience within a specific call topic. Thus, effectively expanding your network and reach. The project search also showcases past projects relevant to your query so you can determine and highlight the uniqueness of your research.

Once you have found the funding instrument and call of choice and are ready to take the next steps, Spinverse can help you. Our extensive expertise on the EU application process and business planning has already secured over 500 M€ of funding for our customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any funding matters, our experts are happy to support you!